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Stay Connected to YOUR Customers – with a hosted Contact Center!

Stay Connected to YOUR Customers – with a hosted Contact Center!

When making a decision on how to support the increasing demands of customer interactions, most decision makers go straight to traditional channels of voice and email.  Recent studies show that over 50% of customers prefer to use 3-4 channels to connect to businesses.  For the businesses who don’t enable better communication, Harris Interactive reported that 66% of consumers switch brands due to poor customer service.  Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey concluded that 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.  So if your business is sensitive to the amount of capital you spend but still want to enable a great customer experience and drive revenue what should you do?

Consider Hosted Contact Center, a cloud based service that enables customer interactions through multiple channels like chat, social media, email and voice all through a single interface.   It also provides integration with most CRM systems offering a seamless experience for internal call center agents. The CAPEX and OPEX of on-premises hardware are two of the primary reasons organizations are choosing to move to a cloud-based system.  A hosted contact center allows you to stay ahead of the technology curve by leveraging a feature rich cloud-based solution.

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How your business would benefit from a hosted contact center:

Success Based Growth: Contact volumes will ebb and flow in contact centers, and the cloud will allow your business to handle spikes without incurring costs during lulls. Instead of wasting money on idle servers and extra agents, investing in a solution that will allow you to grow and scale during peak seasonal use or product launches.

Mobility: A key benefit of a cloud-based contact center is that it allows you to extend your operations beyond the confines of brick and mortar locations. Agents can log in from anywhere, which means home-based agents will be able to access the same solutions that on-premises agents can, which in turn will enhance customer experience. This also means customers can get routed to the agents with the right skill sets regardless of location, and supervisors can also monitor remote employees with the same analytics as they would on premises.

Less reliance on IT: With a network-based model, you will not have to rely on your IT department for operational maintenance, freeing them up for more mission critical projects for your business. In fact, the entire call center can be managed by just a few people instead of an entire department.

Ultimately, choosing to invest in a cloud-based customer service platform will reduce heavy CAPEX and OPEX costs. But more importantly, your business will be able to reach more customers, and better serve those customers that contact you providing a better experience. Your agents will have all the tools they need to transform your contact center from a money sink hole into a revenue generating center.

You have little to lose and much to gain as American Express indicates that 59% of consumers will try a new brand or company for a better service experience.

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Scott Yelton
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