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Signs that Your Company Needs a Communications Technology Refresh

Signs that Your Company Needs a Communications Technology Refresh

Industry recommendations would suggest that businesses update their computer systems every 3-5 years and their phone system every 5-7 years but that refresh cycle is becoming shorter based on accelerated technology cycles and cloud based software/application delivery. It’s not just about refreshing the hardware and software any more…it’s  about enabling operational success and continued efficiency of your business. Here are some signs you need a technology refresh:

  • Your cost for service contracts are increasing annually to support a legacy phone system
  • Managing the phone system and communications in your business has become an overwhelming task
  • Your hardware or software has reached its end of life point. (Be sure to check the site specific to your phone system manufacturer, like Cisco and Avaya, to be sure of these points
  • Employees are using their mobile phones instead of antiquated desk phones because the technology is easier to use. IP Phones on the market today are feature rich, have color display options and functionality that is comparable to smart phone technology
  • You still dial in to check voicemail. Newer technologies like EarthLink Business Hosted Voice service allows all your voicemails to be captured electronically and forwarded to your email box for storage and playback from anywhere
  • Your current system does not have a web portal for change management and call routing. Still need a decoder ring and technician to make changes to your system?  Newer technologies allow for web interfaces that provide change management, IP Phone management (i.e. program soft keys for speed dial etc..) and most importantly re-routing options for disaster recovery.
  • Your premise-based technology platform is susceptible to natural disaster.  Cloud based technologies like that employed by EarthLink Business provide for protection from fires, floods, power outages and other events that can impact business services.

At the end of the day refreshing your technology can be a daunting task but knowing the signs to look for is the first step towards making the move.  For assistance with the evaluation and building the business case and the move to newer communication technology contact EarthLink Business via phone or email.  We will have one of our communications experts engage to provide the best solution for your business.

About Scott Yelton

Scott Yelton
Scott has over 21 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He currently serves as Director of Product Management, Voice and UC Services for EarthLink Business; he is responsible for management of growth and lifecycle products which span from Hosted Voice solutions to basic telephony services to mobile. Prior to its acquisition by EarthLink, Mr. Yelton was Director of Product Development and Strategy for Deltacom. Earlier in his career, Mr. Yelton led the Sales Engineering team for Deltacom and served in sales and sales management roles for Sprint and BTI Communications.