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Never Miss a Call: EarthLink’s Hosted Voice Solutions

As companies look to replace their existing phone systems, each has their own approach. To some, the most important factor is cost, and others are concerned with reliability or disaster recovery. Most modern phone systems have a plethora of features, but the tricky part is to remember our day-to-day needs. No longer do these products ONLY provide the ability to place a phone call, but some decision makers make the mistake of only looking at the numbers. For instance, the EarthLink Hosted Voice solution provides so much more than just a way to place calls.

The Hosted Voice product is so feature-rich that more often than not, it will change the way a company does business. We have seen some incredibly creative applications of our feature set, and celebrate each time a company sees an increase in revenue as a result.

Find Me / Follow Me is a powerful mobility tool that is included with a standard seat within the hosted voice product. It allows a user to create additional endpoints for which they can be contacted upon receiving a phone call. So, if the user so chooses, when he/she receives a phone call, it can ring simultaneously, not only their desk phone, but their mobile phone, house phone, soft phone, secretary phone, or any other location with a 10 digit phone number. With the inclusion of this feature, there should never be a single missed call!  (Think of all of the business advantages of having your employees accessible at all times!)  For those of you that are thinking about your work phone going off while you’re at the movies on a Sunday, each user can create very specific rules as to when and how he wants to be reached based on a customized schedule. Best of all, each of these settings can be created and changed at any time from any internet connection, using the EarthLink web-based CommPortal. Companies can list a single phone number on employee business cards and no longer have to be concerned with losing mobile phone numbers due to turnover.

So, if you want to improve the way you do business, check out EarthLink’s Video Demo and talk to one of our specialists about how our Hosted Voice solutions can do just that!


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