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Hosted Voice – Softphone

The term “Mobility” has been a buzz word in the VoIP market for years.  Whether you are traveling down the street or across the country it has become increasingly important to not miss a single call.  Mobility can be as simple as forwarding a call to another destination or as complex as a detailed call path that reaches multiple destinations throughout its ring circle.  When traveling out of the office, an EarthLink hosted voice customer also has the ability to take the physical phone with them (with the proper licensing) and have full functionality from any location with descent bandwidth…

EarthLink has recently released its own “softphone,” which integrates beautifully into a hosted voice customer’s network.  The softphone is a small piece of software that installs on your PC and gives the user the ability to make and receive phones calls, just as you would from your desk phone.  We call it the “CommPortal Communicator” and it can change the way that you do business while out of the office.

You can import all of your contacts, record phone calls on demand, integrate a Bluetooth wireless headset, view your call history, and set up favorites all from the comfort of your personal computer.  Instead of having to eat up your cell phone minutes or set up a physical desk phone, the CommPortal Communicator can simplify your life.  Also, since this device is fully integrated into your hosted voice network, any call to another employee with your office(s) is a free phone call whether you’re three miles away at your home or 3,000 miles away.  Just like the entire line of hosted voice technology, your product will always been evolving.  As new features and capabilities become available, they will be offered to you.  This softphone can be purchased as a standalone product or in conjunction of a physical phone.  This is just another way that we can customize your total voice solution to fit your business demands.

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