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Hosted Voice Vertical: The Right Phones Can Sell Houses

Hosted Voice Vertical: The Right Phones Can Sell Houses

It used to be a hassle trying to conduct business “on the go,” but hosted voice products can make all the difference…and help business gain or retain clients. Take this scenario with a realtor: A house buyer leaves a message for their realtor explaining that they just faxed over a contract, only to have the realtor (who is out driving) call them from their cell asking for the contract to be emailed, because they’re working from their home office the rest of the day. What a pain.

Thankfully, our EarthLink Business Hosted Voice team has completely revolutionized many real estate entities with our Hosted Voice product. Some of our customers most enjoy the ease and flexibility of getting their VMs and Faxes in their email, while others love knowing that it is all protected in the cloud. FindMe/FollowMe has had the biggest impact for most of our mobile professionals. They are able to get their phones calls at any time regardless of where they are. Often while in the midst of a bidding war, response times can mean the difference between a particular family getting their new home or having it slip through their fingers. With “Find Me Follow Me,” the agents can configure granular settings on their inbound calls to decide which calls get through and which are sent to voicemail at a certain times and dates. From an employer’s perspective, this feature is absolutely crucial. A real estate firm merely has to provide the business phone number on their business cards and the agents can tie their cell phones to it using their communications portal. If an employee leaves the firm, those inbound business calls stay with the company because the customer never utilized their personal cell phone number in the first place.

Technology has completely changed the way we live today. It is exciting to think about the toys that may exist in another 10 years. In the meantime, if your realtor isn’t on the cutting edge, EarthLink would love to change the way they do business with our Nationwide Hosted Voice solutions!


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