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Hosted Voice: Unified Communications through Site Convergence

The Ernst and Youngs and Goldman Sacs of the world have been benefiting from free site-to-site calling for many years now. When it comes to such large entities, the telecom bill can be a large factor on the company balance sheet each quarter. Since their offices each have a minimum of 40 or 50 employees, they accept right up front that they will have to invest a lot of money to unify their offices’ day to day communication.

What about companies with a large foot print, but a smaller head count? Take for example a company that has over 100 locations but less than 300 employees. Communication is still very important, but does it justify buying 100 sets of voice hardware? In the past, locations like this would have to get by with a couple of regular old phone lines and just the ability to place and receive phone calls. Thankfully this is no longer the case…

With EarthLink’s Nationwide Hosted Voice product, any size or geographically-placed business can completely unify their company’s communication with a minimal investment. Each site needs only a single piece of routing/switching hardware which we refer to as an “IAD”. Our IAD is included with you low monthly cost and it will take care of your local area network’s routing, switching, power back-up, and voice calls. This equates to less hardware but more capabilities. Whether your site has two employees or 200 hundred, you can still take advantage of our products rich feature set and always be more connected to your other peers, regardless of their location. Since EarthLink Business can provide a plethora of access types, you will be certain to have the appropriate speed and bandwidth for your office(s). In fact, EarthLink Business is one of the few companies that can provide true QoS (Quality of Service) on an advanced DSL connection from beginning to end in order to always guarantee you superior call quality. For those locations that require five (or less) phones, hosted voice over our ADSL can be an incredible value from a cost and performance perspective.

By unifying your company’s communication flow, chances are you will see an increase in productivity and ultimately profitability. You will also have more visibility into your employees call activity whether it is the current presence of a particular phone or detailed call logs of every phone in your network. Contact an EarthLink sales executive to find out how our Hosted Voice product can improve your business today!

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