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Chip Meacham: Making every call count with Hosted Voice
Every call counts.

Chip Meacham: Making every call count with Hosted Voice

Every call counts, and you don’t get a second chance. For every call to a business that’s either abandoned or disconnected, a significant number of people on the other line will never call back. That’s because customers want and deserve to be attended to. And if you can’t answer the phone for them, there’s another business out there that will. Picture this: You only have one employee at the front desk. There’s a customer in the store asking that employee a question. Then, suddenly, the phone rings. What’s the employee to do? If he abandons the customer to answer the phone, that customer will feel neglected. Yet if he lets the phone ring to finish with the patron, the odds are greater than not that whoever’s on the other end won’t be calling back.

A situation like this is never your employees’ fault. It’s the fault of your business technology. Indeed, it doesn’t matter whether the employee chooses to prioritize the customer in the store or the person on the phone. The fact is that both options are undesirable. It shouldn’t be a choice the staff member has to make.

Imagine a business communication system without downtime or missed calls. That’s the reality Hosted Voice provides. The best way to see the significance of that is to look at concrete examples. Since 2011, I’ve been going to different businesses and showing them how they can increase revenue with Hosted Voice. The first step to doing that is observing how things work. The second step is deciding how they can work better. Here are is an examples of a retailer I’ve been able to help out.

Never Miss a Call
The retailer is an auto tire place with locations around the country. When I visited them, they were using an outdated phone system where many people calling in would find themselves listening to an answering machine message. That’s no good. No matter what your business is, your potential customers should never have to hear the “beep” of a voicemail system. Once your business’s phone goes to voicemail, you’ve already lost the person on the other end of the line.

In the tire industry, being available to field a lot of calls is particularly important, since prospects are always calling in regarding quotes. Therefore, when it came to devising a communicative solution for the nationwide tire company, I wanted to make sure they’d never miss a call. The answer was a hosted voice solution. Through enacting this platform, the enterprise will be enable to institute a system wherein calls that arrive during potentially busy times – including the 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. period during which the store’s employees might not be by the phone – will be rerouted to a small calling center. In this way, the company can ensure that every prospect is attended to, and that even if workers are delayed in the morning, a prospective patron will never have to hear an answering machine. Considering that each prospective caller can be worth hundreds of dollars, this little step can make a world of difference in regard to boosting revenue.

Revenue is Calling
Customer satisfaction represents the first priority for companies in any field. And the first step to happy customers is being available to them via any channel – online, in person, and by phone. Every call counts. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running – a clothing company, a restaurant chain or a tire repair shop. When that store phone rings, there are dollars on the other end of the line. And if you don’t pick up the phone, those are dollars down the drain. With Hosted Voice, those calls can be turned into revenue for your business.

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