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Business Phone Needs: Polycom or Aastra?

As an EarthLink hosted voice customer, you have several choices to make in order to receive the product that is customized to best fit your day-to-day business needs. EarthLink assigns an engineer to your business in order to provide an ideal business solution, and EathLink’s experienced sales engineer will help you design your detailed call flow, user features, and capabilities.

One of the first decisions that we will help you make is which hardware offering is the best fit. (NOTE: Regardless of what phone a customer chooses, they will still enjoy the same robust hosted pbx (Metaswitch) which is collocated in PA, MA, and TX.) EarthLink currently offers an array of phone model choices from two different manufacturers; Polycom and Aastra.

AASTRA: The nationwide hosted voice product is currently offering 5 different models of Aastra phones. These models range anywhere from a standard user to a basic break room or even an executive that may require GigE speeds and a touch screen. There is also an option for a cordless handset, which allows for additional mobility within a specific perimeter. Another advantage of the Aastra line up is an abundance of “soft buttons” which can be programmed to execute any of the features within the hosted voice capabilities.

POLYCOM: Additionally, EarthLink is offering a line of seven Polycom phones. Polycom is a strong name that has been in the industry for a long time. They are proud of their propriety HD voice technology and excellent speakerphone quality. Our Polycom selections have an excellent conference room speakerphone. Since this is the only conference room speakerphone (commonly referred to as a starfish phone) that we offer, this particular model can be combined with an order of Aastra phones. We are also running a rebate incentive on our Polycom phones until the end of the 2012. For everyone Polycom phone that you lease from us, we will give you a check for $50-$75 as long as you show a certificate of destruction for your old phone. The rebate comes in the form of a check about six weeks after submission of the application.

Both phones are exceptional pieces of hardware but every customer has different needs. Our engineers are happy to spend the time to truly understand your business so that we may make the appropriate recommendations. We now have over 15,000 phones in service and we are expanding everyday. The success of the hosted voice product comes from unparalleled customer service and a product that speaks for itself. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today so that we can get you in touch with a local resource in order to start the process of improving your business.

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