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Are Your Mobile Users Accessing Corporate Applications Safely?

Apple recently released the iPhone 5S and 5c, as well as their new mobile operating system, iOS 7. This was exciting news for the many consumers hungry for the latest and greatest in smartphones and tablets.

But for IT managers, directors of IT security, CIOs and others responsible for security and performance of IT departments, the launches represented a difficult management challenge.

That’s because employees are now frequently using Apple’s mobile devices (as well as Android devices) for work as part of trends known as BYOD (bring your own device) and the Consumerization of IT (CoIT).

One of the big challenges revolves around applications. You have to make sure all the applications and application data is available to end users that need them and also ensure that all those applications are secure.

Endpoint management (EPM) and security solutions, mobile device management (MDM) solutions or both are critical to handling the demands of a mobile workforce and the BYOD revolution.

You can think about our EarthLink Business Mobile Device Management service as more than just endpoint management. What we enable that no one else does is the integration of both MDM and EPM capabilities with our CloudStacks to enable complete mobility solutions in the cloud – from the endpoint controls all the way through to the enterprise apps.  Some of those features include: providing application inventory, an enterprise app store, whitelisting and blacklisting for Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices. It ensures that your mobile device business users always have what they require on their phones or tablets by storing applications in our cloud data centers and then pushing them down to the device.

It also ensures a high level of security by enforcing an organization’s password policies, implementing device encryption, root and jailbreak protection, selective wipe, full wipe, remote lock, and more.

To explore this topic in greater detail, see our recent blog post Mobile Device IT Solutions All in a Single Pane of Glass as well as our post about Blackberry: The Company That Lost It All by Ignoring the BYOD Trend.

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