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Be Accessible Anywhere, Anytime with EarthLink Mobile Communicator

Be Accessible Anywhere, Anytime with EarthLink Mobile Communicator

The concept of 9 to 5 business hours has been lost in the shift from domestic to global interactions, and the expectation of access anywhere, anytime is now the norm.  With the right tools this shift allows for increased access, but demands increased mobility.  EarthLink Business is excited to announce Mobile Communicator, that works in conjunction with EarthLink’s Complete Hosted Voice solution.  This solution provides a platform for companies to untether users from their desks to support the flexibility required to respond to anywhere and anytime.

Introducing EarthLink Mobile Communicator, an app that allows users to make and receive calls from their mobile devices, desktop, or IP Phone!   The app can be download either from the iTunes Store or Google play store and provides the look and feel of your desk phone.   When using Mobile Communicator your business number is displayed, providing a professional appearance to your customers.

Going even further users are able to move the call from one device to another. So this would allow a sales person for instance to start the call at their desk, move it to their smartphone, and complete the call while on the go.  A user can move the call over to their iPhone seamless and not miss a beat.

Learn how you can truly be mobile with EarthLink’s Hosted Voice with Mobile Communicator.

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