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IHL Study: Retailers are focused on LAN/WAN Security and EMV Compliance – Part 2


In the last blog, I shared IHL Group’s findings from the “2015 Store Infrastructure Study”. Primarily, I looked at the WiFi results and the realization that stores need to upgrade their networks to support new cloud-based internal and customer-facing applications. Now let’s dig into the security part of the results. According to the survey, 54% of respondents consider their WAN/LAN network security “currently ready.” Another 34% say they’ll be ready within 12 months. EMV compliance is clearly a driver for ... Read More »

What happened to Target – Part 2

Loyalty comes from strong security.

There's seemingly no end to the capabilities of the cybercriminal. Except for one thing: The Target breach never had to happen. Read More »

Retail and wireless: Thriving while remaining secure

Customers need mobility - can you provide it?

These days, a store's business doesn't begin or end with the physical store. Read More »

How to avoid a Data Breach


There’s nothing more frightening for a company than to get the news from their IT department that a security breach has been identified, and that the extent of the breach is unknown. Recently, well-known companies such ebay, JP Morgan, Target and Home Depot have been in the headlines that have cost their companies millions of dollars to remediate the breach, not to mention the associated penalties and damaged reputation of the business with all the negative media coverage. In 2014, ... Read More »

4 Major IT Themes We Took Away From NRF’s 2014 Big Show

EarthLink Business finished up another successful show at NRF 2014 this year.  Attendance was at a record high at over 27,000, and there was LOTS of energy.  Prospects, customers, analysts and the media came by the EarthLink booth showing strong interest in our PCI compliance and secure Wi-Fi solutions.  The ability to use Wi-Fi to gather data and connect with mobile consumers on social media were of particular interest.  And of course, there was our ever-popular free espresso bar, which ... Read More »