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From ARPANET to AWS with Cloud Express: A Little Network History

Today, we use the cloud for everything: downloading music, storing photos, keeping current in our social circles and more. Businesses also are increasingly adopting cloud solutions to run applications on pay-per-use infrastructure now that secure options are available for compute, storage and network elements. It might seem like the cloud has always been around, but that is not the case. In fact, the cloud as we know it today, was actually the culmination of many events over the past five ... Read More »

Bring the best public cloud applications to your private MPLS network

Cloud Express

Many companies have let concerns about unpredictable levels of performance, security and reliability keep them from taking advantage of low-cost, scalable and ubiquitous cloud resources for applications that really matter. The risk, thus far, simply hasn’t been worth the potential reward. Here are some examples of how the public cloud can negatively impact business applications: Performance 1/10th of a second or faster than the blink of an eye is the upper limit of when an end user starts to feel ... Read More »

Don’t Let Windows XP End-of Life Crisis Become Your Mid-Career Crisis

Microsoft© Windows XP has proven to be a highly popular operating system with over 600 million installations worldwide since its inception in 2001. But all good things must come to an end, and Microsoft will cease commercial support of this operating system (and stop providing security updates and customer support) on April 8, 2014. Microsoft has been encouraging users of Windows XP to convert to Windows 8 or Windows 7 for more than 12 months, but with less than four ... Read More »

BYOD: Complications and Solutions

BYOD is a hot topic these days.  Allowing employees to bring their own devices to the corporate network has presented companies with numerous benefits and new management challenges. We’ve seen an increase in the penetration of OSX based machines in the workplace, while other platforms, such as blackberry devices, have given way to android and iOS. IT teams are less burdened by having to refresh corporate desktops and laptops, but are now faced with supporting multiple mobile platforms and employee ... Read More »

Private Cloud Success Story with The College Network

Today’s CIO’s are required to be visionaries. They are focused both on technology strategies for the future and the current day to day operations of their business. Many companies have moved to the cloud to eliminate ongoing hardware maintenance headaches and critical hardware failures…and as a result, CIO’s sleep better at night. One well-rested CIO is Ryan Sallee of The College Network. Ryan and his team managed over one hundred physical servers and the underlying storage network, across multiple locations. They ... Read More »