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IT Security – Should it Be Outsourced?

IT security is often a confusing area for small and medium businesses because, typically, only large companies can afford to deploy their own comprehensive security teams, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect information assets against ongoing attacks or compromise. Smaller and mid-size firms just don’t have the capital or resources to commit to a top notch security team, which is why many are starting to consider outsourcing. Here are the 3 things to think about when considering ... Read More »

EarthLink TechCare, Fully-Managed Outsourced Help Desk Solution

This week, we officially launched EarthLink’s newest IT Service, EarthLink TechCare. A fully-managed and customizable outsourced help desk solution, EarthLink TechCare is scalable, enabling businesses to relieve their overburdened IT staff, refocus on more strategic initiatives and reduce operating expenses. Click to read the press release. EarthLink TechCare is a valuable tool, empowering clients to achieve business objectives by expanding their IT capabilities without adding IT staff. We are such believers that we’ve deployed it here internally to support our ... Read More »