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Building the “Store of the Future” when You’re Not a Retail Giant

In a recent presentation at the Goldman Sachs Global Retail Conference in New York, Walmart CEO Bill Simon talked about the massive investment the company is making in Omni-Channel retailing, or what he called “the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.” He talked about an array of technology initiatives including ship from store, ship to store, mobile payments with self-checkout, and mobile applications. Retailers like Amazon, Saks, and Walgreens are also making headlines with their investments in Omni-Channel and ... Read More »

Commodity or Strategic? The New Role of Retail IT

Last month in Rochester, NY, EarthLink hosted some of its largest retail customers for an advisory council meeting to understand their priorities and challenges. The meeting centered on two topics:  mobility and IT efficiency.  During the discussion on IT efficiency, here’s what one of our customers had to say: “There’s commodity IT, and then there’s the places where we really add value, where we’re driving our revenue or improving margins. Take email, for example – one of the biggest things ... Read More »