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BYOD Security – Dealing with Backlash, Battles, and Victories

Isn’t it great that contractors and employees (i.e., business users) have the flexibility to work remotely and on the go, with access to business networks via their own personal devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones? Great for them, anyway. On the flip side, CIOs are saddled with even more worry and responsibility in light of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement: greater security threats. ZDNet’s Michael Krigsman says that how CIOs chose to handle BYOD challenges is a moment of truth. Those who ... Read More »

Are Your Mobile Users Accessing Corporate Applications Safely?

EarthLink CloudCast - Secure Mobile Access - Blog

Apple recently released the iPhone 5S and 5c, as well as their new mobile operating system, iOS 7. This was exciting news for the many consumers hungry for the latest and greatest in smartphones and tablets. But for IT managers, directors of IT security, CIOs and others responsible for security and performance of IT departments, the launches represented a difficult management challenge. That’s because employees are now frequently using Apple’s mobile devices (as well as Android devices) for work as ... Read More »

One Company That Lost It All by Ignoring the BYOD Trend

Just yesterday we posted about the steamrolling phenomenon known as BYOD (bring your own device) and its MDM (mobile device management) implications for IT departments. Yesterday’s technology and business news was also a reminder of just how powerful a trend like BYOD can be. As reported by the CBC, former king of the smartphone hill Blackberry agreed in principle to be bought for $9 per share, or $4.7 billion. Blackberry was not too long ago valued at about $83 billion. So ... Read More »

Mobile Device IT Solutions All in a Single Pane of Glass

It may seem crazy that people line up for hours – even days – to be among the first to buy the latest, hottest smartphone. But they do: witness the huge lines outside Apple stores before last Friday’s launch of the new iPhone 5c and 5s. But these are not just the fanatics, the crazy Apple fanboys. They can’t all be – because Apple is expected to have sold a record of between 6 – 8 million iPhones over the ... Read More »