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How do you detect a data breach you don’t even know occurred?


I recently attended a conference about Enterprise IT Security.  I had heard many of the stories before around the importance of conducting regular external vulnerability scans which are required if you need to maintain PCI compliance, along with diligence around security policy.  But I heard one statistic that really caught my attention; “It takes an average of 134 days from when a security breach occurs to even detect that it’s happened”. Think about that for a moment.  Now add this ... Read More »

BYOD: Complications and Solutions

BYOD is a hot topic these days.  Allowing employees to bring their own devices to the corporate network has presented companies with numerous benefits and new management challenges. We’ve seen an increase in the penetration of OSX based machines in the workplace, while other platforms, such as blackberry devices, have given way to android and iOS. IT teams are less burdened by having to refresh corporate desktops and laptops, but are now faced with supporting multiple mobile platforms and employee ... Read More »

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: The Difference

I spend a lot of time addressing clients’ security concerns, and more often than not I find they ask for services they don’t truly want or need. The most common instance is not knowing the difference between a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. This article is to clarify the difference, so you can be sure you’re asking for what you really need when working with an expert. A vulnerability assessment is designed to determine basic flaws in a system, network, ... Read More »

EarthLink’s Rolla Huff Speaks at Bloomberg’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Summit

“Different horses for different courses” was the end note on the panel, “How Software is Eating Everything & the Future of the Network” on Monday, June 18, where EarthLink’s Chairman and CEO Rolla P. Huff joined Michael Gregoire, CEO at CA Technologies, and Sanjay Poonen, President and Head of the mobile division of SAP AG, in a fascinating discussion about the outlook for software development, the cloud, mobile technology and the security issues they raise. Special thanks to Bloomberg’s Peter ... Read More »

EarthLink Products in the News – IT Services and independenceIT

EarthLink recently launched its new EarthLink Business® IT Services suite of solutions. Following our late 2011 nationwide release of the EarthLink Complete™ suite of business voice, data, and Internet solutions, the launch of EarthLink’s IT Services enables customers to streamline their internal IT resources and offerings by leveraging our comprehensive mix of IT and security experts in an enterprise class data center. “This product suite sets the foundation for customers to participate in the next era of business information technology, ... Read More »