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As Your Organization Embraces Cloud 2.0, Don’t Forget the WAN – Part II


As discussed in Part I of this post, the Cloud 2.0 era, consisting of hybrid cloud/IT environments, dictates the careful consideration of the network that connects the various compute and storage resources to one another, and serves as a critical resource that connects the users who access applications via mobile device or the corporate VPN. As your organization increasingly places sensitive data and critical workloads in the cloud, IT teams need to recognize that network design and the chosen service ... Read More »

Why Consumers are Willing to Pay Extra for a Superior Customer Experience


Guest blog post by Daniel O’Callaghan from Telax.  It goes without saying customer experience (CX for short) should be a high priority for companies of all kinds. If a firm isn’t delivering a satisfying customer experience, then it can’t hold on to its existing customers, and that dramatically limits long-term success. Which makes everything and anything a company does to deliver a superior CX (people, process, software, networks) a high priority. While these general CX concepts are widely understood and accepted, ... Read More »

As Your Organization Embraces Cloud 2.0, Don’t Forget the WAN


Cloud computing has evolved from being a buzzword to real usage among enterprises. A 2015 Frost & Sullivan cloud user survey captured some of the adoption trends and the results are impressive (with important implications with regard to network services; more on that shortly). In the survey, 55% of the respondents indicated they currently use public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services.¹ However, what stood out are the familiarity and adoption trends the survey results depicted for hosted private cloud and ... Read More »

Can Your Network Deliver The Potential of The Cloud?


It’s amazing how quickly the massively important concept we refer to as “The Cloud” became a mainstream phenomenon. It’s one of those buzz words you suddenly hear everywhere. Not just at work, but from everyone, in movies, on TV, and more. But as much as we hear it, it’s still surprising what people don’t understand about it. Especially with regard to the network. The truth is, a good number of people who work in the tech space don’t yet grasp the ... Read More »

Manage EMV and Reduce Risk with a True Multi-Layered Security Strategy


It’s no secret that the shift to EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) has left many merchants still scrambling to comply following the October 1 implementation deadline. While that’s getting headlines during the holiday season, merchants should not forget that major breaches can threaten not just individual transactions at the POS, but rather a wide range of sensitive corporate information, any of which can tarnish the future of an entire brand. Developing an extensive security strategy that addresses the broad range of possible attack ... Read More »