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BYOD Security – Dealing with Backlash, Battles, and Victories

Isn’t it great that contractors and employees (i.e., business users) have the flexibility to work remotely and on the go, with access to business networks via their own personal devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones? Great for them, anyway. On the flip side, CIOs are saddled with even more worry and responsibility in light of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement: greater security threats. ZDNet’s Michael Krigsman says that how CIOs chose to handle BYOD challenges is a moment of truth. Those who ... Read More »

Data Breach Protection – When Planning Isn’t Enough

When you think of IT security, you likely think about usernames and passwords, firewalls, intrusion prevention, antivirus programs, and other common technical measures designed to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of resources with minimal human intervention. These are the sort of “set it and forget it” controls that are fairly ubiquitous. If your organization is more mature, you may also think about logging, auditing, alerting, monitoring, and vulnerability assessments where employees personally check on the effectiveness of the “set it ... Read More »