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Which WAN is Right for Your Business – Google Hangout

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Join us on Wednesday June 3rd at 1pm eastern time for an interactive discussion on wide area network technologies and how to determine which is the right WAN for your business.  If you’d like to watch this Google Hangout and ask questions during the live event you can register here.  Alternatively come back on or after June 3rd to this blog post and watch the replay here! Businesses with operations distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed locations have an increasingly critical need ... Read More »

Encryption May be the Solution, but be Sure you Understand the Problem

I was recently presented with a customer requirement to protect data in motion, data at rest, data in use, and data disposed. The first and last of these are relatively well defined and straightforward—data in motion is typically protected by using SSL/TLS or IPsec encryption of the data transmitted over the network, and data disposed by ensuring that any storage media is thoroughly wiped before it is discarded. Data at rest and data in use were a little less clear. ... Read More »