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IT Security – Should it Be Outsourced?

IT security is often a confusing area for small and medium businesses because, typically, only large companies can afford to deploy their own comprehensive security teams, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect information assets against ongoing attacks or compromise. Smaller and mid-size firms just don’t have the capital or resources to commit to a top notch security team, which is why many are starting to consider outsourcing. Here are the 3 things to think about when considering ... Read More »

Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

What if you lost your entire IT infrastructure in a matter of hours, would your business survive? Disaster recovery planning is essential to continue business operations after disasters occur. This could be anything from a prolonged power outage to a total infrastructure loss caused by catastrophic events. The goal of disaster recovery is to limit the effects of a disaster and take the necessary steps to ensure that the resources, personnel, and business processes are able to continue operation after ... Read More »

Phishers and Scammers are Getting Smarter…Are You?

Most of us have heard of the term phishing and have probably been attacked by it more than once. Phishing is attempting to acquire information from users while posing as a trustworthy individual in an electronic communication.  “Phishing” generally refers to attacks in your email inbox, but there are three others to know of: vishing, smishing, and whaling. “Vishing” is a phishing attack on your VoIP (voice over IP) phone.  If you don’t have a VoIP phone then you are ... Read More »

External Penetration Testing – Are Your Internet Facing Systems Protected?

The world of hacking seems like a mysterious place; we seem to only occasionally see it, either on the news or in a movie.  So really, what are the chances of cyber-attack happening to your company?  Think it’s minimal?  Maybe…but can you risk it?  There is currently no federal mandate requiring corporations to disclose cyber-attacks, so why worry?  Here’s why: if anyone finds out, it only takes one attack to destroy a company’s reputation (and, in the process, their bottom ... Read More »

The Case for SIP Trunking

When the term SIP Trunking comes up among IT professionals or business managers it is usually associated with either Hosted VoIP services or direct connectivity with an IP-PBX (phone system).   In this month’s article we will explore the scenario where a business is evaluating the option of purchasing an IP-PBX. The biggest advantages to be had in choosing this path are for multi-location companies who are managing multiple systems across large geographies. The concept is to place a centralized system at ... Read More »