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Which WAN is Right for Your Business – Google Hangout

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Join us on Wednesday June 3rd at 1pm eastern time for an interactive discussion on wide area network technologies and how to determine which is the right WAN for your business.  If you’d like to watch this Google Hangout and ask questions during the live event you can register here.  Alternatively come back on or after June 3rd to this blog post and watch the replay here! Businesses with operations distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed locations have an increasingly critical need ... Read More »

Are people stepping in front of you in line? What Retailers can do about this.


Have you ever been in a retail store, restaurant or doctor’s office waiting in line to check out and the cashier picks up a phone call while you wait?  If so, then you know how frustrating it is to have a phone call “cut in line”.  After all, you went to the effort of driving to the location and waiting in line.  How is this person calling in on the phone suddenly more important than you?!! As a consumer this ... Read More »

Hosted Voice has you protected from snow days to hurricanes

A natural disaster doesn't have to be a business disaster.

Are you going to weather the storm? Read More »

Missed Calls = Missed $$$

A robust phone system is one ticket to better business.

You're probably familiar with the old adage "Time is money." But allow us to introduce a new one: Calls are money. Read More »

Chip Meacham: Making every call count with Hosted Voice

Every call counts.

Every call counts. Read More »