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Signs that Your Company Needs a Communications Technology Refresh

Industry recommendations would suggest that businesses update their computer systems every 3-5 years and their phone system every 5-7 years but that refresh cycle is becoming shorter based on accelerated technology cycles and cloud based software/application delivery. It’s not just about refreshing the hardware and software any more…it’s  about enabling operational success and continued efficiency of your business. Here are some signs you need a technology refresh: Your cost for service contracts are increasing annually to support a legacy phone system ... Read More »

Answer the Call: Your Customers Are on the Line

In today’s marketplace the customers call the shots and organizations that deliver a superior customer experience are thriving, and those that don’t…aren’t. Here are two statistics that put things in perspective: 86% will pay more for a better customer experience 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience A customer’s experience is undeniably important to your success as a business; and it’s just as important to understand how customers want to interact with businesses: US consumers ... Read More »

Hosted Voice Services Can Unify Your Team!

Hosted Voice systems are an important part of modern-day business. In the past, businesses have had limited ways of unifying office employees, multiple location workforces, and remote employees into a team environment. This is a major concern, as teamwork is what allows individuals and office locations to back each other up during outages, emergencies, and cover clients in different time zones. And managing the calls and activities of each location was difficult, due to a lack of visibility and reporting ... Read More »

Hosted Voice from EarthLink Business – Why it’s Different

EarthLink Business has created a rich portfolio of offerings that can change your business for the better. We have such a wide range of IT services that any business would be able to utilize us as a one stop shop. We are not the only consulting firm though, so what sets us apart? Here are three reasons to partner with EarthLink Business… Only One Back to Pat – In the world of communications it is rare to partner with a ... Read More »

Hosted Voice: EarthLink’s Retail Communication Solution

Hosted Voice by EarthLink Business is being applied to the retail vertical more and more. It is a great way to unify any company that has a few to many locations with minimal telephony needs. Since EarthLink has so many options for blended access, we can create a cost effective customized solution that is a good economic fit for any customer and any size retail presence. EarthLink Business is one of the few providers that can provide COS (Class of ... Read More »