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Here are the keys: Come take Hosted Contact Center for a spin

Subscribing to a hosted contact center application sight unseen is a recipe for disaster. You can’t afford to miss a sales call or send your customers on a wild goose chase for answers. Before committing to any software application, you should test-drive it to understand how it can positively impact your business’s productivity and workflow. Did you know that a majority of consumers use three or four methods  to connect with businesses: web, phone, email, chat and social media?  A hosted ... Read More »

Don’t Get Stuck in a Cloud – Stay Flexible

In my last article, I discussed the reality that cloud services are not branded-but-indistinguishable commodities, and doing your research to see which company fits you best is a smart alternative to going for the cheapest price. Now I’m going to speak briefly about EarthLink Business, and take a high level look at what we are selling. Given that we provide such a large portfolio of business services (IT services, cloud services, network services, managed security services, managed support services, professional services, hosted applications, etc) it’s ... Read More »

Commodity or Strategic? The New Role of Retail IT

Last month in Rochester, NY, EarthLink hosted some of its largest retail customers for an advisory council meeting to understand their priorities and challenges. The meeting centered on two topics:  mobility and IT efficiency.  During the discussion on IT efficiency, here’s what one of our customers had to say: “There’s commodity IT, and then there’s the places where we really add value, where we’re driving our revenue or improving margins. Take email, for example – one of the biggest things ... Read More »