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Building the “Store of the Future” when You’re Not a Retail Giant

In a recent presentation at the Goldman Sachs Global Retail Conference in New York, Walmart CEO Bill Simon talked about the massive investment the company is making in Omni-Channel retailing, or what he called “the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.” He talked about an array of technology initiatives including ship from store, ship to store, mobile payments with self-checkout, and mobile applications. Retailers like Amazon, Saks, and Walgreens are also making headlines with their investments in Omni-Channel and ... Read More »

Mitigate Your Business’s Security Risk – 10 Ways How

Even with the most advanced technology, the most effective security systems, and best-planned preventative controls, a company’s data will still be at some risk. New and sophisticated cyber-attacks are created every day, with threats coming from profit-motivated criminals, hackers with various agendas, unscrupulous competitors, and even foreign governments. So perfection is not a possible option. BUT…and here’s the good news: you can get very close. But you have to approach your cyber-security in an intelligent and systematic way, implementing a ... Read More »