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How much revenue will your business lose during your next network outage?


It goes without saying that the continuity of any retail operation is a critical part of business’ WAN design. Losing data connectivity due to a wireline cut or service disruption can translate into a loss sales, decreased employee productivity, and discouraging repeat and future customers. Service providers have provided several different options for back up of MPLS over the years. These options have included backup to the Internet, a second MPLS link at the location with a separate access and ... Read More »

Seriously Consider the Cloud…You’ll Regret Not Looking Into It

I have a friend in the software industry say to me the other day “I don’t know about the whole cloud thing; I don’t think that’s going to take off any time soon or in the near future.” I had to chuckle and ask him if he remembered what I did for a living! I asked him why he thought this, and he couldn’t give me an answer other than it was just a “gut feeling.  It made me wonder how ... Read More »

Let the Cloud Be Your Friend

Everybody is talking about how the Cloud can help their business grow and save money, and I invite you to hear from somebody who has experienced this first hand.  This video case study from Keith Englebert, the CTO at Student Transportation Inc. (STI) shows us how the cloud has helped them avoid millions in up-front and ongoing IT expenses. The Cloud also helps STI meet constantly-updating compliance requirements and provides them with business continuity and disaster recovery protection services they ... Read More »

Data Loss Isn’t A Problem…Until it Is

I’ve seen companies that run their businesses off of spreadsheets including thousands of rows and columns with mission-critical business data. I don’t mean performance metrics and analysis data, I’m talking about a spreadsheet with inventory, quantity available, unit price, revenue projections and tracking, and/or customer information. I’ve also seen spreadsheets that are an accompaniment to data that is normally stored in a CRM or ERP application or both, but the data is still manually tracked and it’s vital to the ... Read More »

When Your Disaster Recovery Provider IS the Disaster

Smart businesses know they need to invest in data backup and many of them are turning to the cloud as a more cost-effective and secure option compared to on-premises solutions. But what happens when there’s no backup plan for your backup provider? Smart businesses also know they need to invest in disaster recovery solutions to mitigate the very many and real risks associated with both natural and man-made disasters. But what happens when your disaster recovery provider becomes the disaster? ... Read More »