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Seriously Consider the Cloud…You’ll Regret Not Looking Into It

I have a friend in the software industry say to me the other day “I don’t know about the whole cloud thing; I don’t think that’s going to take off any time soon or in the near future.” I had to chuckle and ask him if he remembered what I did for a living! I asked him why he thought this, and he couldn’t give me an answer other than it was just a “gut feeling.  It made me wonder how ... Read More »

2012 Was the Hottest Year Ever: Is Your Business Prepared for More Extreme Weather and Disasters?

Yesterday the National Climatic Data Center (part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA) released U.S. weather data for 2012. It was really hot. And it was extreme. The year was, in fact, a full degree hotter than the next hottest year—ever. And 2012 had the second most extreme weather ever. There were 11 climate-related disasters that caused $1 billion or more in losses, including Sandy and Isaac. While there is still some political debate about climate change, ... Read More »