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BYOD: Complications and Solutions

BYOD is a hot topic these days.  Allowing employees to bring their own devices to the corporate network has presented companies with numerous benefits and new management challenges. We’ve seen an increase in the penetration of OSX based machines in the workplace, while other platforms, such as blackberry devices, have given way to android and iOS. IT teams are less burdened by having to refresh corporate desktops and laptops, but are now faced with supporting multiple mobile platforms and employee ... Read More »

“Total Benefit of Partnership”- the New Business Metric (Part 1)

There are as many metrics for measuring your business IT expenses as there are stars in the sky: ROI, TCO, NPV…the business metric list goes on. The trouble is, these often aren’t useful when attempting to measure security and business continuity (the very types of measures businesses must address today). More often then not an ROI or TCO model only looks at current spending and how it changes by purchasing and using new technologies. But what if we take a ... Read More »