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Here are the keys: Come take Hosted Contact Center for a spin

Subscribing to a hosted contact center application sight unseen is a recipe for disaster. You can’t afford to miss a sales call or send your customers on a wild goose chase for answers. Before committing to any software application, you should test-drive it to understand how it can positively impact your business’s productivity and workflow. Did you know that a majority of consumers use three or four methods  to connect with businesses: web, phone, email, chat and social media?  A hosted ... Read More »

Secure WiFi: The Ticket To A Better Customer Experience

Businesses need to incorporate free in-store WiFi.

When you're a retailer, the quality of the experience you provide your customers is often the deciding factor between whether they remain loyal to you or take their business elsewhere. Read More »

Are people stepping in front of you in line? What Retailers can do about this.


Have you ever been in a retail store, restaurant or doctor’s office waiting in line to check out and the cashier picks up a phone call while you wait?  If so, then you know how frustrating it is to have a phone call “cut in line”.  After all, you went to the effort of driving to the location and waiting in line.  How is this person calling in on the phone suddenly more important than you?!! As a consumer this ... Read More »

Holiday Experience Gifts Wish List


With the holiday’s rapidly approaching, and Thanksgiving just past, the team at EarthLink created our list of holiday gift ideas for your family members and loved ones.  We all like the latest gadgets, clothing and accessories but at EarthLink we believe an experience can mean so much more and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Listed below are several gift and experience gift ideas from our team to you, and we want to wish you a wonderful holiday! Give ... Read More »

EarthLink’s Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive and Well

It’s easy to feel like an entrepreneur when you just start out. That was certainly the case for EarthLink nearly 20 years ago, when we took the dial-up Internet market by storm. Times have certainly changed. EarthLink remains a major presence in tech, and we continue to deliver dial-up and high-speed Internet to consumers nationwide. And as Mike Toplisek, EVP of Sales and Marketing at EarthLink alluded to in a recent Atlanta Tech Edge television interview, it’s surprising how many ... Read More »