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Optimize Your Connection to the Microsoft Cloud


Secure connectivity to the cloud has never been more in demand. Companies want to tap into pay-per-use and scalable cloud-based solution providers, but have been reluctant to use these platforms for business-critical applications. They fear performance and security issues related to public Internet access are not acceptable for critical workloads. To overcome these concerns, many companies are looking for more secure and predictable connections into leading cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure and Office365. For many businesses, Microsoft’s operating systems and ... Read More »

From ARPANET to AWS with Cloud Express: A Little Network History

Today, we use the cloud for everything: downloading music, storing photos, keeping current in our social circles and more. Businesses also are increasingly adopting cloud solutions to run applications on pay-per-use infrastructure now that secure options are available for compute, storage and network elements. It might seem like the cloud has always been around, but that is not the case. In fact, the cloud as we know it today, was actually the culmination of many events over the past five ... Read More »

Bring the best public cloud applications to your private MPLS network

Cloud Express

Many companies have let concerns about unpredictable levels of performance, security and reliability keep them from taking advantage of low-cost, scalable and ubiquitous cloud resources for applications that really matter. The risk, thus far, simply hasn’t been worth the potential reward. Here are some examples of how the public cloud can negatively impact business applications: Performance 1/10th of a second or faster than the blink of an eye is the upper limit of when an end user starts to feel ... Read More »

Hiring a Cloud Provider: 5 Essential Questions

Because not all cloud providers are created equal, especially given the “increasing number of companies offerings an ever-growing menu of cloud computing solutions” (Entreprenuer.com), it’s up to IT organizations to find the best and forget the rest. Before settling on a cloud provider, be sure you’re not settling: The 5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cloud Provider How secure is your cloud? Security issues are always top on mind in IT. That’s especially true in cloud computing. Cloud ... Read More »

Escape the Flood of Commoditized Cloud Service Providers

You Need More Than Water The model for cloud services is sometimes said to be a public utility, like services providing water or power. In this belief, “cloud service providers” are all offering the same features, so price is the only variable that should matter. This is false. In the early days of electricity, many businesses actually bought all the hardware and generated their own electricity. Then they realized it was much more efficient to get electricity as a service ... Read More »