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Data Loss Isn’t A Problem…Until it Is

I’ve seen companies that run their businesses off of spreadsheets including thousands of rows and columns with mission-critical business data. I don’t mean performance metrics and analysis data, I’m talking about a spreadsheet with inventory, quantity available, unit price, revenue projections and tracking, and/or customer information. I’ve also seen spreadsheets that are an accompaniment to data that is normally stored in a CRM or ERP application or both, but the data is still manually tracked and it’s vital to the ... Read More »

When Your Disaster Recovery Provider IS the Disaster

Smart businesses know they need to invest in data backup and many of them are turning to the cloud as a more cost-effective and secure option compared to on-premises solutions. But what happens when there’s no backup plan for your backup provider? Smart businesses also know they need to invest in disaster recovery solutions to mitigate the very many and real risks associated with both natural and man-made disasters. But what happens when your disaster recovery provider becomes the disaster? ... Read More »

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud…

You are already backing up your data so you can rebuild it when your server crashes and be up and running in a few hours. But what happens when you lose two servers?…three servers?…four, the network, power, and more? More importantly, are you prepared to continue running if you lose everything all at once? Disasters happen, more often than you think. Are you prepared? Many organizations have a backup strategy but not a true IT disaster recovery strategy. How long ... Read More »

2012 Was the Hottest Year Ever: Is Your Business Prepared for More Extreme Weather and Disasters?

Yesterday the National Climatic Data Center (part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA) released U.S. weather data for 2012. It was really hot. And it was extreme. The year was, in fact, a full degree hotter than the next hottest year—ever. And 2012 had the second most extreme weather ever. There were 11 climate-related disasters that caused $1 billion or more in losses, including Sandy and Isaac. While there is still some political debate about climate change, ... Read More »