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EarthLink’s Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive and Well

It’s easy to feel like an entrepreneur when you just start out. That was certainly the case for EarthLink nearly 20 years ago, when we took the dial-up Internet market by storm. Times have certainly changed. EarthLink remains a major presence in tech, and we continue to deliver dial-up and high-speed Internet to consumers nationwide. And as Mike Toplisek, EVP of Sales and Marketing at EarthLink alluded to in a recent Atlanta Tech Edge television interview, it’s surprising how many ... Read More »

Hiring a Cloud Provider: 5 Essential Questions

Because not all cloud providers are created equal, especially given the “increasing number of companies offerings an ever-growing menu of cloud computing solutions” (Entreprenuer.com), it’s up to IT organizations to find the best and forget the rest. Before settling on a cloud provider, be sure you’re not settling: The 5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cloud Provider How secure is your cloud? Security issues are always top on mind in IT. That’s especially true in cloud computing. Cloud ... Read More »

Escape the Flood of Commoditized Cloud Service Providers

You Need More Than Water The model for cloud services is sometimes said to be a public utility, like services providing water or power. In this belief, “cloud service providers” are all offering the same features, so price is the only variable that should matter. This is false. In the early days of electricity, many businesses actually bought all the hardware and generated their own electricity. Then they realized it was much more efficient to get electricity as a service ... Read More »

Private Cloud Success Story with The College Network

Today’s CIO’s are required to be visionaries. They are focused both on technology strategies for the future and the current day to day operations of their business. Many companies have moved to the cloud to eliminate ongoing hardware maintenance headaches and critical hardware failures…and as a result, CIO’s sleep better at night. One well-rested CIO is Ryan Sallee of The College Network. Ryan and his team managed over one hundred physical servers and the underlying storage network, across multiple locations. They ... Read More »

Cloud Providers – Addressing Security Concerns

Cloud providers often get a bad rap; IT professionals sometimes see the cloud as an insecure means of having applications and data residing outside their own data centers. Security should absolutely be a concern whenever sensitive data is involved, and that concern can be heightened when considering cloud services that operate outside your corporate firewall.  EarthLink Business wants you to be assured that these concerns are all taken care of with our services, and give you questions to ask while ... Read More »