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Optimize Your Connection to the Microsoft Cloud


Secure connectivity to the cloud has never been more in demand. Companies want to tap into pay-per-use and scalable cloud-based solution providers, but have been reluctant to use these platforms for business-critical applications. They fear performance and security issues related to public Internet access are not acceptable for critical workloads. To overcome these concerns, many companies are looking for more secure and predictable connections into leading cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure and Office365. For many businesses, Microsoft’s operating systems and ... Read More »

Connect to the Cloud, But Only if You Stay Connected

We recently had a large Cloud Hosting customer experience an outage. After a number of hours, we determined connectivity was lost due to a 3rd party vendor performing a firmware update on their endpoint devices without the client’s knowledge. Initially, a trouble ticket was opened because the customer couldn’t establish connectivity to their environment at our Data Center. The EarthLink Support Team immediately got to work seeing what the issue was, providing updates throughout the troubleshooting process. After the issue ... Read More »