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The Right Phones Can Sell Houses

I was buying an investment property a couple of years ago and I still remember my hesitation during the process after getting my first email from my Realtor’s personal “@aol.com” email address.  However, now several years later I have come to realize that this is quite common in the real estate field.  The industry is all about business relationships and less about formalities. I found myself “texting” the offers between myself and my Realtor which is a conversation that I ... Read More »

Business Phone Systems – Are You Prepared?

During this time of year most people are focused  on celebration,  and a well-deserved time away from the office.  If you are not in the retail industry then chances are your business will slow down over the holiday and many employees will be asking for time off.  Managers and business owners are faced with the challenge of balancing the need to give employees time to enjoy their families, travel and holiday activities while still having resources available to respond to ... Read More »