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Private Cloud: Bringing Greater Security and Compliance to the Cloud

There are times when the public cloud does not meet the needs of an organization. They may have an IT staff familiar with virtualization and the management of that infrastructure, and an executive team that understands the financial benefits of eliminating large capex investments in hardware. They may have virtualized infrastructure already and need to expand and manage the new capacity without buying additional servers, storage and network. Or there could be compliance or security policies requiring certain access controls not available in the public cloud. To have your team learn a bit more, register now for a live streamed virtual event on “Bringing Greater Security and Compliance to the Cloud” today 10/24 at 1 pm ET.

VMWARE 1024-Webinar-Graphic 300Let’s take an example of a customer who came to us recently. They had a few hundred employees, an IT team with VMWare expertise, and existing virtualized infrastructure managed with VMWare vCenter. Security requirements prevented them from using a managed services provider that would give the provider’s employees direct access to their servers and data.

EarthLink Private Cloud is able to provide secure, dedicated resources, via Enterprise grade Cisco Flexpod architecture with a virtualized VMWare environment managed by VCenter.  Read more on our recent press release.

We understand some organizations want their provider to monitor, patch and manage their servers. But we also realize when they’ve made an investment in human capital and want to maximize that investment by letting their people retain full control over the infrastructure, whether it’s on premises or in the cloud.

We also recognize that not every company’s infrastructure directly generates revenue. Some companies need to budget and keep their costs constant, and don’t want to worry about unplanned spikes in their monthly bills when they’re focused on running their business.

Do you need VMWare licensing, Windows Server and Application licenses? Do you have an existing vCenter server and want your staff to manage both the local and remote infrastructure through the console?

Let us help you with our Private Cloud service. You can set your own security policies, control all access and spin up servers on resources that are 100% dedicated to you, all for a fixed monthly fee. As part of the package, you’ll be able to take advantage of our DataCenter Firewall, giving you a fully customizable firewall rule set with industry leading Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention services.

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