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Global IT: Your Need for Unified Endpoint Management and Security

Dealing with diversity. Facing and embracing change. When you’re living in the world of IT, the terrain is all the more challenging to navigate…especially for those supporting global IT operations.

Case in point: The Hay Group, a global firm centralizing IT across 47 countries. Among their challenges:

  • A diverse PC hardware population. Supporting 14 languages (PC operating systems), with limited visibility, made it difficult for them to validate overall PC security.
  • A highly mobile workforce. Managing securing in an environment where 80% of user devices are mobile was an IT security threat.
  • An inconsistent helpdesk service. Having IT staff across the globe delivering support to their user community made it difficult to provide a consistent level of service.

In an effort to better address business interests and manage immediate IT concerns, Robert Butler (Worldwide IT Director of The Hay Group) knew that proactive measures were needed sooner than later.

His end goal: an endpoint security solution, PC data protection and helpdesk support with sufficient processes to keep Hay Group systems current and compliant over time. As far as he was concerned, there were two ways to go:

  1. Option A: Hire approximately 19 people, for an estimated cost of $1.5M per year and spend an additional $500K per year for hardware and software in the process.
  2. Option B: Hire EarthLink Business for a single-source solution (at fixed monthly fees with unlimited helpdesk calls).

Option B it was!  Among the advantages Hay Group received for choosing Option B:

  1. Experienced desktop engineers on hand to resolve issues 24/7
  2. Less stress on their IT support teams and more focus on strategic initiatives
  3. Standardized IT practices worldwide that include: Enhanced security, consistent service levels, greater cost efficiencies, reduced time to marketing, and best-in-breed applications
Even better, Hay Group’s Robert Butler no longer had the burden of constantly keeping pace with evolving security threats. What he needed to know was now right at his fingertips. He can simply:
  • Log into an online dashboard to view the health of Hay Group’s PC and Mac machines
  • Monitor how many viruses EarthLink caught in the last 30 days
  • Understand the breakdown of open support cases
  • …and more!

As Hay Group opens new sites, relocates/closes offices, etc. –– just as thousands of other IT departments are doing around the world – EarthLink’s Unified Endpoint Management and Security solution is resolving a diverse set of IT issues and helping them continue to distinguish themselves as a global business leader.

I invite you to read and download our EarthLink Business Case Study on The Hay Group below and join our BYOD / UEMS Webinar on December 11th at 2PM ET:


UPDATE: As of last night (11/25), we learned that we became a finalist in the third and final around at the Fourth Annual UP 2013 Conference & Expo for “Best BYOD Solution 2013”!  Here are the standings for all of the companies that made it to the final round among 19 different IT categories.  My EarthLink Business teammates Karen Hayward, Mario Brown, and Ty Emi are looking forward to meeting you at the event if you’re in attendance on December 3rd.  Comment below if you would like me to make an introduction for you prior to the event.  Lastly, if you’re a Twitter user, follow us here as well as follow along the #UP2013 Conversation for this event to stay up to date.

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