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Is Your Business PCI-DSS Compliant?

Every business that accepts credit cards needs to be aware of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). Unless you have a successful cash-only operation (lemonade, anyone?), this applies to you.

Hackers and other criminal elements have become more and more sophisticated in their attempts to steal credit card data, and when it comes to your business, they only need to be successful once in order to damage the hard-earned reputation you’ve built up. And gaining access to your customers’ credit card information is only the beginning: you can be assured that the lawsuits and the PR nightmare will follow.

PCI-DSS compliance doesn’t happen just once. It’s an ongoing validation process, segmented according to how many transactions you process annually. Did you know that simply answering “No” to any of the following three questions indicates that your business is not PCI-DSS compliant?

  1. Can you demonstrate that all of your cashiers have been trained upon hire with a PCI-certified training program, and does that training recur every year?
  2. Can you demonstrate that all of your employees have read and signed an employee awareness security policy?
  3. Can you demonstrate that all members of your team or your approved vendors are using a secure virtual private network with two-factor authentication to access applications or systems behind your firewall?

So whether you need to achieve PCI-DSS compliance and don’t know where to start, or you and your personnel have gone through the necessary PCI-DSS training, but you weren’t aware that it requires ongoing validation to remain in compliance, EarthLink Business can help your team.  For a great PCI-DSS resource, I recommend downloading our EarthLink Business PCI Compliance Whitepaper

Your ongoing success depends on compliance!

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