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Disaster Recovery is Still a Concern in the Calm Before the Storm

Did you know the hurricane season officially started on June 1st, and so far 2013 has been much tamer than the April 10 forecast released by the Colorado State University’s Tropical Meteorology Project? They predicted an above-average hurricane season with 18 tropical storms, of which 9 will be hurricanes. And have you noticed we haven’t had a hurricane yet?

I visited their site again today and noticed they issued a new forecast on August second, with the following comment:   ”We continue to anticipate an above-average season in 2013, although we have lowered our forecast slightly due to anomalous cooling in the eastern subtropical and tropical Atlantic.” I suppose when you use such scientific jargon it’s OK to miss your prediction, and they are now forecasting 8 hurricanes for 2013. So we are still far from an all-clear.

For those of us who are not meteorologists, you may better appreciate the quote they used to qualify their revised forecast:

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”- Yogi Berra

So the question remains for most businesses, including yours – “Are you prepared for the next disaster?” as illustrated in the below infographic.  When Superstorm Sandy struck last year, 19,000 New Jersey businesses sustained significant financial damage and were knocked off-line for weeks.   So how many of these businesses were prepared for this disaster?  Statistics suggest that more that 80% of all businesses are not prepared for disaster and even more frightening is the fact that 43% of all business that experience a significant data loss go out of business.

Ciao Bella is an example of how a NJ business that outsourced its IT infrastructure to the Cloud was able to keep its nationwide sales, distribution and manufacturing on-line despite a 2-week outage at their NJ headquarters. Read the Ciao Bella case study.

EarthLink provides a complete portfolio of Business Continuity Solutions to help businesses your mission critical networks, voice, and IT environment up and running when a man-made or natural disaster occurs.   It’s not a matter of if, but rather when will the next outage will shut down your business. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place?

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