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“Total Benefit of Partnership”- the New Business Metric (Part 1)

There are as many metrics for measuring your business IT expenses as there are stars in the sky: ROI, TCO, NPV…the business metric list goes on.

The trouble is, these often aren’t useful when attempting to measure security and business continuity (the very types of measures businesses must address today). More often then not an ROI or TCO model only looks at current spending and how it changes by purchasing and using new technologies. But what if we take a step back and ask: “how much is it worth to my business to have my data and applications managed by a cloud services partner…one whose security standards and technical expertise I can benefit from?”

That question opens up a discussion of what I call the “Total Benefit of Partnership” (TBoP). Using TBoP, we can shift the equation from the expense side to the asset side and measure the fundamental business benefits derived from new technologies like the cloud and Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Maximizing TBoP can help you manage the complexities and increased demands modern companies face. “Change is good” – well this time it’s true. A full-service DaaS solution, like EarthLink’s Cloud Worksapce Suite, makes it easier to focus on the five key TBoP factors.

  1. Improved Security
  2. Realized Business Continuity
  3. Increased Business Focus for IT
  4. Accessed Enterprise-grade Technologies and Skills
  5. Business Focusing on Business

TBoP #1, Improved Security: Security is top of mind, isn’t it? If you’ve got an application running in your office, then you’ve got very real security risks. Addressing those risks internally is prohibitive for most, both in terms of financial expenditure and the IT skills required. By moving your applications and data to a secure cloud service provider, you benefit from their security expertise, their daily procedures, and their physical security (security guards, premise monitoring, etc.). For example, EarthLink Business’ security standards are “SSAE16 compliant” – look it up and compare it to how you run your applications today.

TBoP #2, Realized Business Continuity: Business is tough enough these days without having to deal with a fire or natural event knocking you out. Enabling your business to continue running if something should happen to a physical location (like your main office!) is what I’m talking about. With a service like our Cloud Workspace, true business continuity after a natural disaster becomes a measure of simply shifting operations to a different physical location (even from home, if need be), logging into your desktop and applications as usual, and getting back to work.

TBoP #3, Increased Business Focus for IT: With a good partnership, the ability to utilize your IT resources (be they large or small) to drive core business growth becomes your focal issue. An IT service partner manages the environments for end-user desktops, servers, applications, and data in a secure cloud. You can then have your IT staff work on growing your business. Your partner becomes an extension of your IT staff and takes care of those day to day activities. It’s all about focus.

Check back soon (or subscribe) – my next article will cover the remaining Total Benefits of Partnership!

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