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When Your Business Applications or Networks Fail, It’s Always Your Fault, Right?

We’ve all been there. You and your IT team are working double-time to get a project done in an unrealistic time-frame while having to keep all your website applications running. What if there was an easier way?

EarthLink recently launched Server Management and Monitoring and Network Management and Monitoring services.  If you’re in charge of maintaining and monitoring servers and/or network equipment, these services could relieve some of your headaches.

Scenario: Website Application Fails, Sales Stop, You Get Blamed

Let me give you a scenario.  You’re in the middle of a large project initiative.   You’re under a lot of pressure to deliver because the results are going to pay huge benefits to your company.  But the deadline is tight (probably unrealistic from the beginning and your words of caution were ignored) and everyone on your team is working double time to get things done.

But this morning was a little different.  Stuck in back-to-back meetings you receive a phone call saying the web site is down and no one can take any orders.   Everything has stopped and is demanding to know what is going on.  Your best people have to drop their project work and start investigating.  Turns out, the e-commerce application running on the server had a memory leak that had been going on for months, and the server eventually crashed.    It will take your best people the better part of the day to re-start everything, fix the memory link and get things working again.   You’ve lost at least one day on your project and now you have to deliver a report explaining why you hadn’t noticed the memory leak before the server crashed.   Morale is low because your team wanted to set up monitoring on these servers, but no one had the time because of the critical project work that had to get done to bring in new revenue.  Not a good day and probably not a good week either.

This is just one example, but you can see how it could be applied to a lot of situations:  

  • A remote circuit goes down cutting off your best performing branch
  • Firewall rules have to be updated due to a new application that came online from another department.
  • A network router or wireless access point at one of your locations stops working

The bottom line is every day, as an IT leader, you’re balancing new growth initiatives that are driving the business forward, with the everyday maintenance and monitoring that is so critical to keeping the trains running on time.   And no one wants to deal with keeping the trains running on time, until of course, they aren’t.

This is where EarthLink’s Server Management and Monitoring and Network Management and Monitoring products can help.   Let us worry about the routine stuff – the “keeping the lights on” type work that your team just doesn’t have the bandwidth to do.   Our business was founded on this core functionality, initially as a consumer ISP, and more recently as a top managed service provider for mid-sized businesses.  Server and Network Management and Monitoring are in our DNA.  We’ll let you know when there are issues before they become a problem.  And when problems do occur, we’ll even take ownership of fixing them, including working with your vendors.  This allows you to have your best people working on the most important projects that are driving your business forward.  I’m sure you have your own stories to share.

For more information, take a look at our product pages on server and network monitoring, and specifically check out the video below of our VP of Product Development, Shahin Pirooz, explain our offering.

EarthLink can be a great partner for you in helping you manage and maintain your existing infrastructure.   Give us a call today to see where we can help.

About Stephen Currie

Stephen is the Director of Product Management for IT Services Products at EarthLink with a specific focus on Server, Network and End Point Management Solutions. He’s been at EarthLink over 17 years, starting with the Consumer ISP days. He has experienced first-hand the challenges businesses face to evolve in order to consistently exceed customer expectations, and applies those learning's every day to EarthLink’s product strategy.