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Overwhelmed? You Won’t be with the Right Partner

Overwhelmed? You Won’t be with the Right Partner

In today’s environment of ever-changing technology, we are all tasked to do more with less, and it is expected that not only will we do more, but that we will improve service levels while reducing budget…lofty requirements to say the least.

I was meeting with a client last week, and during the discussion he listed his 5 year plan:

  • replace aging hardware at their remote sites (including aging servers and some out-of-date phone gear)
  • update their disaster recovery plan
  • either reduce telecom spend or maintain spend with increased bandwidth
  • be nimble enough to look into new applications that could help their business

These goals are not uncommon, and with limited internal resources it is critical for IT Departments to partner with industry leading service providers. Earthlink maintains a solution-based approach where we sit down with the client to understand their requirements/desires and come back with options that both fit their current needs and will be scalable for the future.

With all of the moving parts we have in our daily lives, it’s too easy to become overwhelmed or spread too thin. Just like building a house requires quality contractors, modern business requires quality partnerships when the internal resources don’t exist.

Find the best partnership for you, and contact Earthlink to see how partnering with us can benefit your business.

About Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson
Christopher has been with Earthlink since November 2012, in the Telecom space since 1996, and began working in communications in the Air Force in 1990. He lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and 2 children.