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Augmenting Your IT Help Desk Can Reap Rewards

Augmenting Your IT Help Desk Can Reap Rewards

In today’s global economy, companies operate 24×7 to stay competitive. Reductions in budgets, IT staff burnout, and meeting the growing IT demands (longer/after hours support) are just some of the challenges that an IT leader faces daily.  Meeting these expanding operational requirements, one has to decide whether to:

  • Hire additional staff – increases payroll/operating costs
  • Authorize O/T for after-hours coverage – leads to staff burnout
  • Designate someone to be “on call” – leads to staff burnout and sleepless nights for IT management
  • Or supplement the IT help desk through augmentation

Augmenting your IT help desk enables a business to refocus its IT staff on new strategic initiatives without additional IT resources.  EarthLink TechCare provides a customizable, scalable and customer friendly North American-based help desk to keep your end-users productive.  An IT department reaps rewards through augmentation with the improvement of employee morale.  Wouldn’t you like to see your business increase its employee morale? Refocusing your business’s initiatives by augmenting your help desk, allows for staff flexibility, after hours support and reduction of overtime expenses.

You aware of the 80/20 rule. IT departments spend 80% of their time resolving IT issues rather than focusing on other strategic initiatives. Do you want your IT staff receiving overtime for password resets that do not generate revenues?

EarthLink TechCare even supports your organization while your IT staff conducts meetings and attends training classes. This permits your IT staff to remain educationally current.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin recently selected TechCare to support its help desk through augmentation. The hospital faced a challenge of reducing IT operating expenses yet support over 300 custom medical applications. But by selecting EarthLink TechCare, the hospital reduced its help desk costs by 30%. In addition, TechCare meets the same quality of service as the “in-house” help desk during daytime business hours. This permits IT management to have “peace of mind”. “See Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Case Study for further information”.

EarthLink TechCare continues to meet current and future needs of businesses. We are built to be highly configurable to support the challenges your IT department faces daily. We meet the more demanding requirements of tomorrow and deliver business value.  Let TechCare provide you “peace of mind” and flexibility for your IT department.  Learn more today from our teams with one-month free.

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