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Data Loss Isn’t A Problem…Until it Is

Data Loss Isn’t A Problem…Until it Is

I’ve seen companies that run their businesses off of spreadsheets including thousands of rows and columns with mission-critical business data. I don’t mean performance metrics and analysis data, I’m talking about a spreadsheet with inventory, quantity available, unit price, revenue projections and tracking, and/or customer information. I’ve also seen spreadsheets that are an accompaniment to data that is normally stored in a CRM or ERP application or both, but the data is still manually tracked and it’s vital to the organizations’ well-being.  MS Excel is a language that most everyone speaks and is familiar with, so they often assume it’s safe.

But sometimes these spreadsheets magically disappear, or they’re being stored on a computer or server that can die at any moment or be fried with one power outage or surge. Or, sometimes, these spreadsheets are only being kept by one person in an organization who can leave at any time.

The thing is: Data loss isn’t a problem… until it is.

Your company may have a spreadsheet that’s vital to your existence; I hope it’s not, but it very well may be. And by not backing up your data, you run the risk of your business not being able to survive in the event of a disaster, whether it’s via human error or mother nature. According to one of EarthLink Business’ infographics (see below) on data loss, 43% of companies that experience data loss shut down for good.

Should you choose to back up your data off-site to the cloud, you stand a greater chance of sustaining your business by being able to restore data that might’ve been lost, quickly and easily. “Disaster Recovery” and “Business Continuity” mean something different to every single person you speak to. But at a minimum, backing up your data to prevent data loss should be the one thing that every organization takes the time to do.  Create a plan that works for your resource allocations and budget, and at the very least back up your data.

EarthLink Business provides a solution to help you solve the problem of how and where to back up your data called Cloud Server Backup.  Within (literally) a few minutes, you can be backing up your data to the cloud, and automatically back up based on a schedule that works best for you. You get to set it and forget it, and everything is automated. With a scalable solution, we can grow with your business; whenever you need more storage, we can make that happen with a simple phone call.   The last thing you want to do is risk your life running back into a burning building to save your files… Find out more about Cloud Server Backup before it’s too late!

If you lost your spreadsheet tomorrow…would it be a problem?

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