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Score with EarthLink’s TechCare

Score with EarthLink’s TechCare

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

– Vince Lombardi

When your business considers its IT needs, most likely, you review the technology you’re currently using as well as your current software, processes, training, etc. But in order to keep focus on revenue generating initiatives, you may need new and fresh ideas and tools.

As fans kick off the football season with passion and hope for a winning year, are you as driven to keep your business’s IT capabilities matching the demanding requirements of tomorrow?

How do you manage your IT needs?  Are you able to properly resolve specific IT issues and inquiries? Your business may not be able to manage IT issues past a certain point, so it’s important to have a business action plan. Who would you contact to resolve them? Like a quarterback calling the right play, we at EarthLink TechCare customize our help desk solution to your ever changing IT environment. Choosing EarthLink TechCare as your favorite team will lead your team to victory.

EarthLink TechCare offers support 24x7x365, 9×5 and even during off peak hours.

We offer various levels of support for your business where on average, calls reach a live person within 60 seconds. Here are a few competitive advantages:

  • Customizable solution
  • VIP support for executives
  • No language barrier or currency fluctuations
  • ITIL best practice
  • Top notch customer service
  • Highly trained and certified technicians
  • Efficiency of bundling other IT services from EarthLink

EarthLink’s TechCare keeps you productive in your office, at home, or on the road as we are a company that continues to meet current and future needs of businesses.  Our product offerings are customized and scalable where a business can have peace of mind from a reliable experienced provider.

We deliver business value.  Contact EarthLink TechCare and let us help you tackle your IT support issues.

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EarthLink Blogger
For more than 20 years, EarthLink has revolved around how to efficiently connect our customers with technology. Today, we are committed to making our customers’ customers happy with the technology foundation that underpins an exceptional experience. We have numerous industry and technology experts on staff at EarthLink, and each not only has extensive knowledge and experience in their field of expertise, but also a passion for ensuring EarthLink remains true to that commitment. They also enjoy sharing insights into the latest technology innovations in the hopes of informing and helping to reduce the burden on IT professionals.