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How To Make Your Contact Center The Strongest Asset Of Your Business

How To Make Your Contact Center The Strongest Asset Of Your Business

When a customer is looking to get in touch with your business, he or she will pursue one of several different channels. From phone and web to email, chat and social media, there are more platforms than ever before that can serve to link patrons to your enterprise. Focusing on the customer experience is more important now than ever before, and companies that don’t pay attention to this will see their business decline.

For shoppers to have a truly great experience, they need to be able to connect with your business for answers. This is where an EarthLink Hosted Contact Center comes into play. Here are some tips to keep in mind for getting the most you can out of your Contact Center:

  • Convey humanity. The importance of this point cannot be overstated. When it comes to customer service, patrons want to know they’re being listened to. The last thing they want to hear is an automated voice when they call in for service. According to the 2013 Accenture Global Consumer Pulse survey, more than half of respondents said they’d switched businesses they’d shopped at due to poor customer service.
    Your store will run more smoothly with a contact center.

    Your store will run more smoothly with a contact center.

    Stats like this hammer home the  importance of great all-around patron service – and that includes when customers are shopping online. Just because a patron is using your store’s website, that shouldn’t stop your company from giving him or her individual attention. By deploying Line State Monitoring to minimize or eliminate time spent in an voice response system or human-centered Web solutions like live chat – which 21 percent of consumers say they use to connect to stores – you can ensure a human presence is available on every channel.

  • Get things done quickly. No customer wants to be put on hold, and they don’t want to have to wait around for long periods in order to be connected to the relevant staffer. According to an Ifbyphone benchmarking analysis, “15% of callers tend to hang up right around 40 seconds.” Take more time than that and you can count on losing even more people. But that doesn’t have to happen. With your business’s contact center, make sure you have the routing solution to expediently get customers in touch with experts on your end. With EarthLink’s skills-based routing, this option is made easy. 
  • Don’t put staffers in a hard spot. A customer walks into the store at the precise moment that the phone rings behind the cash register. What’s the employee in the store to do? This is not a predicament that should fall on a worker in your store. By deploying a contact center in a distributed cloud model, you can ensure that all calls and contacts are attended to without an in-store staff member having to potentially deny or delay service to someone who’s shopping in the physical store.

If your top ten customers were surveyed on their experience with your contact center today would your score be where you want it for 2015? If not, then what are you going to do to get it there? Pursue a Hosted Contact Center solution today.

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Scott Yelton
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