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Hosted Voice: Now Available For The Rest Of Us

Hosted Voice: Now Available For The Rest Of Us

Newsflash: Hosted Voice for business, or VoIP, has grown rapidly, garnering nearly 50% of the market. But what about the rest of us, the other 50%+? What is holding us back from migrating voice to the cloud? One likely culprit is inertia; people are resistant to change. Another is the perceived cost/hassle of buying new IP phones to replace the legacy analog equipment you have. That’s a fair critique. At least it was, until EarthLink launched a new Hosted Voice Analog Service, designed to address these concerns by allowing you to move to IP while keeping your existing phones/fax. This post by one of our experts on the topic, Keith DeMatteo, explains the significance of this launch.

Hosted Voice in the cloud is mainstream technology now, and it’s easy to understand why. It lets you eliminate phone lines/providers, makes optimal use of bandwidth you already have, saves money… the list goes on and on. So why have so many businesses decided to stay with their old phone system and their legacy analog desk phones, fax machines, and modems?

On the surface, it seems to defy logic. It would be as if 50% of businesspeople were still using their old flip phones instead of app-filled smartphones.

Analog Adapters at no extra cost may help VoIP finally send legacy office phone systems off to join their old friends the flip phones. (Credit: Huffington Post)

Inertia: The most powerful force in thwarting innovation

Anyone who has been in the tech industry a while will tell you that inertia is a powerful force. A new solution may make perfect logical sense, but sometimes it seems like too much work to implement. People are resistant to change, thus stifling innovation. As Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion famously states, “Objects at rest stay at rest…”

It can also be difficult to justify the cost of even the most sensible innovation. The cost of purchasing, installing and training people how to use new IP phones and fax machines is a good example of this challenge.

VoIP Inertia, meet your match: Hosted Voice Analog Service

Fortunately, Newton also said objects at rest won’t remain at rest if a force acts upon them. I doubt he was talking about hosted voice. But he might as well have been, because there’s a new VoIP product that’s going to be a strong force in the market, designed to win the hearts and minds of even the most steadfast cloud holdout.

EarthLink Hosted Voice Analog Service is ideal for organizations who’ve yet to move to VoIP, because it allows them to migrate on their own terms. They can keep their existing phones, fax machines and modems, protecting their existing investment and avoiding capital expenditures.

Here’s how it works. EarthLink includes the Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA’s) for every analog phone/device you want to convert to VoIP.  Once you connect them, you eliminate the need for your existing individual analog phone lines. This combination of savings and consolidation of providers is a compelling benefit of moving to the cloud.

From there, you can take advantage of advanced IP phone features while keeping the familiarity and favorite features of your existing phones. Administrators and end users can set up phones and preferences in an easy-to-use portal. So whether your users are technically advanced or change averse, they can get or stay connected with as little effort as possible.

If you prefer, you can migrate some of your users to new IP phones and keep others on their analog devices, creating a hybrid environment that still works seamlessly. Only migrate to all IP devices when it makes business sense for you.

The forecast for this cloud is simplification and savings

Hosted Voice for Analog is an ideal start for all those companies that are just beginning to transition to the cloud. It’s not only affordable, it also provides simplification and cost savings. Use your existing broadband Internet access and eliminate your POTs lines, avoid the capital expense of buying new IP phones, and consolidate from multiple local voice providers to a single voice provider.

The resulting savings can be substantial, especially for multi-location retailers and businesses, where all those phone lines quickly add up.

Other providers, if they have an analog option at all, often try to keep it quiet and suggest businesses purchase IP devices immediately. They also don’t bundle in the adapters to give you a single price. At EarthLink, we want to tell you about all your options, making it simple and affordable for you to move the cloud at your own pace.

Where is your organization on the path to voice in the cloud? Let me know. Our inventory of Analog Telephone Adapters is standing by!


HV video 3Hosted Voice for Analog: The Easy Way to Move to VoIP

Moving voice to the cloud does not have to be expensive. Many cloud-based voice systems require you to replace all your legacy analog equipment with new IP devices. But EarthLink Hosted Voice allows you to use the phones and fax machines you already have. View Video

About Keith DeMatteo

Keith DeMatteo
Keith is EarthLink’s Senior Product Manager, Hosted Voice and Hosted Contact Center Services. His focus is on bringing technology solutions to market that help businesses better serve their internal and external customers while becoming more operationally efficient. He has a deep history in the voice/UC space working with companies including Panasonic USA, AT&T, NTT America, Level 3, Global Crossing, and Verizon. He’s a graduate of Lynchburg College with a BA in business administration.
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