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Secure WiFi: The Ticket To A Better Customer Experience
Businesses need to incorporate free in-store WiFi.

Secure WiFi: The Ticket To A Better Customer Experience

When you’re a retailer, the quality of the experience you provide your customers is often the deciding factor between whether they remain loyal to you or take their business elsewhere. A study recently conducted by EarthLink in partnership with IHL points to the hugely positive impact of in-store WiFi on the customer experience. In fact, almost one-third of respondent businesses traced the installation of in-store WiFi to a direct boost in patron loyalty.

“In-store WiFi is part of the quality experience customers expect.”

Examining the benefits of in-store WiFi
The first thing to mention is that when a customer walks into a retail store these days, he or she isn’t looking at in-store WiFi as a nice bonus treat. Instead, they expect it. After all, people take their mobile devices everywhere and wish to use them all the time too. Accommodating patron expectations is an important reason for retailers to implement in-store WiFi, but it leads to other concrete benefits too:

  • Better-equipped employees: Who’s more productive – an employee, or an employee with a WiFi-connected tablet? It’s not a hard question to answer. With in-store WiFi, retailers can provide their staffers with immediate access to data that can help them better serve patrons. Say, for instance, a customer asks about a product that appears to be sold out on the shelves. An employee with in-store WiFi access can quickly use a tablet to determine if the product is available in the backroom or other chain locations.
  • Easier employee training: Training a new batch of employees at a retail store is no easy feat. You have to get them acclimated to the store environment and equip them with the tools to thrive as workers. However, the training process gets a lot easier when in-store WiFi and tablets are involved, since trainers and trainees will be able to work faster to accomplish these preliminary tasks.
  • Social media success: These days, a business’ social media engagement can play a huge role in its success. After all, social media accounts provide a repository of useful data on patrons. This data can be made actionable with in-store WiFi. If, for instance, a retailer links up its in-store WiFi users’ access with their social media accounts, this can allow the retailer to have demographics about their patrons based on social networks. From there, the retailer can do things like offer individualized sales to patrons based on their social media-gleaned interests.
Offering in-store WiFi accommodates the mobility needs of today's retail customer.
Offering in-store WiFi accommodates the mobility needs of today’s retail customer.

Getting on the WiFi train
As an increasingly valuable tool in today’s retail store environment, secure in-store WiFi is something that promises to have a transformative impact for any business that chooses to implement it. But don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself how such a solution benefits your business. Enjoy a free trial of EarthLink’s Secure WiFi to experience firsthand the benefits of this invaluable resource. It’s a platform that’s easy both to implement and manage, and it will lead to more satisfied customers.

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Robert Balsamo
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