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Brings Happiness to Retailers and their Shoppers with Secure In-store WiFi!

Brings Happiness to Retailers and their Shoppers with Secure In-store WiFi!

As the economy continues to show signs of rebounding, retailers are challenged to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.  To remain competitive, the latest technologies and security measures must be adopted while limiting capital expenditures, while improving customer experience.

There has been a myriad of articles and opinions on the impact of social media and smartphone adoption and such influence on customer buying behavior.  CMOs and CTOs have to collaborate and work together to improve their company’s bottom line while increasing consumer engagement.

An affordable, secure and scalable WiFi access solution with stringent adherence to PCI compliance and network security will please the CTO.  And as for the marketing team; hungry for intelligence on the shopping and buying behavior of loyal and prospective customers on a local, regional and national scale which is easily available analytics from a state of the art cloud based WiFi solution could cause the CMO to do cartwheels down the executive corridors!

In the not so distant past, retailers relied on either a complex costly Enterprise WiFi solution or consumer grade WiFi access points that proved to be unreliable with limited security features.

Retailers need a WiFi access and security solution designed for multi-location retail environments with distributed outlets/franchises. Key requirements include:

  • Security and PCI Compliance:  Retailers need to ensure that their WiFi solution is PCI compliant, with integrated Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) to prevent unauthorized access to cardholder or sensitive corporate data.
  • Centralized Control: Features such as cloud-based management and plug-and-play installation simplify management, and are essential for retailers who don’t have in-store IT staff for WiFi installation and maintenance.
  • Business Analytics: Retailers should select a WiFi solution that can provide metrics for analyzing shopping behavior, such as foot traffic, repeat customers and WiFi usage.
  • Social Media Integration: Social Media adopters should be viewable at store level or in aggregate.  Social media integration can drive loyalty for guest WiFi users and can also provide valuable demographic data at the store level to personalize the shopping experience.

EarthLink now offers Secure WiFi™ service featuring Wireless Intrusion Prevention ideally suited for multi-unit retailers and restaurants, as well as healthcare and financial service providers.  EarthLink Secure WiFi enables distributed enterprises with multiple locations to easily deploy and manage highly secure private and public wireless networks, connect with customers through their mobile devices and social media, and gather data for visitor analytics.

Learn more about EarthLink Secure WiFi service or read the recent whitepaper, Driving Service Efficiency and Customer Engagement with In-Store WiFi.  Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how you can take advantage of the mobile invasion to improve store efficiency and improve your customer’s experience.

About Mike Frane

Mike Frane
Mike Frane serves as EarthLink’s Director of Product Management, with responsibility for a broad portfolio of network products/services. Since joining the company in 2008, he’s overseen the launch and lifecycle of products including 3G/4G/LTE cellular wireless, Ethernet and MPLS IPsec access elements, Secure WiFi, Application Performance Optimization (APO) and IPsec VPN. He and his team are currently working to develop the next generation of software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) products. Mike has a BS in Genetics and Cellular Biology from the University of Minnesota and was involved in gene therapy research at the Institute of Human Genetics before entering the telecommunications industry as a business analyst for an investment firm based in the Pacific Northwest.