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Let the Cloud Be Your Friend

Everybody is talking about how the Cloud can help their business grow and save money, and I invite you to hear from somebody who has experienced this first hand.  This video case study from Keith Englebert, the CTO at Student Transportation Inc. (STI) shows us how the cloud has helped them avoid millions in up-front and ongoing IT expenses. The Cloud also helps STI meet constantly-updating compliance requirements and provides them with business continuity and disaster recovery protection services they couldn’t sustain on their own without severely increased costs.

Keith points out how useful the cloud has been for CTI: 

 “Cloud is our friend. It allows us to allocate resources only where we need them and keep our staff small. Most companies our size would spend 40 times what we do on IT. And our CFO loves the budget discussions. We’re in and out in half an hour.”

Not only is STI able to keep their IT staff small, but Keith also explains how the Cloud enables time to be allocated towards innovation and strategy…

The Cloud is not just an IT strategy but a strategic business advantage; we can focus our limited resources on applications that deliver ROI.”

…how working in the cloud also helps STI meet compliance requirements with minimal effort…

“Being in the cloud provides tremendous advantages for the ease of meeting compliance requirements.  When an auditor walks in, they are relieved to see how we’re set up and how applications are controlled. There’s nothing easier to audit.”

…and how the cloud provides for business continuity…

The EarthLink cloud also provides peace of mind knowing that our data is secure and protected with backup and recovery processes in place,”

Watch the full video case study above or view the pdf case study to read the full STI EarthLink Business Customer Testimonial.

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Kevin Courteau
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