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Move Past Your “Cloud Objections” for the Good of your Company

As fast as cloud computing has been growing, as much as virtually everyone in IT acknowledges that the Cloud is the future, many companies are still sitting on the sidelines, not quite ready to commit to the Cloud, even though they know they’re missing out on substantial benefits.

Why? …They have “Cloud Objections.”

IT staff, especially at larger companies, generally have a good idea of the benefits of virtualization and the Cloud. But some in IT at small companies (and many in medium sized businesses) are still not comfortable with the idea of the Cloud. Their objections typically boil down to this discomfort:

Their IT will exist “out there” on the Cloud, instead of “right here” where they can see it and get their hands on it!

That’s an objection that isn’t unique to cloud computing. In fact, many other new technologies had to overcome the same kinds of psychological hurdles before they were widely adopted.

Take the banking industry…

When the first ATMs came out, many people wouldn’t touch them. They couldn’t imagine trusting a machine to give them the money they asked for. What if it eats my card? What if it doesn’t give me my money? I just don’t like the idea! They demanded the in-person, hands-on feeling of control they got from a person-to-person transaction with a bank teller.

But when’s the last time you did that? The efficiency and convenience of ATMs won the day, and most people don’t even remember that there was ever widespread fear and distrust of the ATM.

The same was true for the next technological leap for banking: online banking. That felt risky at first. It was remote. It felt hard to trust, hard to control. And, again, it was your money.

But now online banking is commonplace. Even those who have a real brick-and-mortar bank do most of their day-to-day banking online.

And guess what? That online banking you already use is a cloud service. All your banking information is out there – in the Cloud – and you get remote access to monitor and manage your account and your money.

This is exactly like EarthLink customers’ myLink control point, which makes managing their cloud-based IT just as easy and straight forward as online banking. It’s just more powerful, because it provides a real-time view and hands-on control of all your IT services.

Think about it: your business doesn’t need all that computer hardware sitting in a room at one of your locations. You’re not in the computer hardware business. You only need the services that those computers provide. Just as when you’re flying from New York to San Francisco, you don’t need to buy the plane. You just need to rent a seat for a few hours.

At EarthLink, we rent you the seat – a nice, first-class seat in the Cloud…we take care of the technology, so you can take care of your business.

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