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Let License Mobility Save You Money When Entering the Cloud

Let License Mobility Save You Money When Entering the Cloud

When moving to the cloud, one thing we often hear from customers is that they recently spent a significant amount of money to buy or renew their software licensing with Microsoft. Many businesses use everything from Windows Server to SQL Server to Remote Desktop Services in the daily management of their IT systems. All this software can be quite an investment, and whether they’re building new systems or upgrading old ones, companies are often forced to spend large amounts of money in licensing costs.

The nice part about this investment is that it isn’t wasted if you are moving your systems into a cloud hosting environment with a service provider like EarthLink.  Microsoft offers a feature called License Mobility which is part of their Software Assurance program. Software Assurance is Microsoft’s program allowing companies that purchase their software the ability to upgrade to new version for free during the term of the program coverage. SA can be purchased at the same time as a license or added after the fact.

SA enables you to leverage investments you have already made in your Microsoft software when moving to the cloud. Through License Mobility you can bring those licenses with you to a Microsoft partner like EarthLink and use those licenses in your cloud environment instead of purchasing the license directly from us.  This allows you to get all the benefits out of the cloud with Highly Available infrastructure in an EarthLink managed data center while not having to reinvest in new software licenses. As I stated above, even if you don’t have an SA license already you can add it to existing valid licenses in order to make them transferable to your hosted infrastructure.

Overall the process is fairly painless. Microsoft’s License Mobility page walks you through the steps to assess that your software products are covered under this program and verify with Microsoft that the deployed licenses are eligible. While EarthLink cannot sell you the Software Assurance license you need, we are here to help ease your move to the cloud and can advise you on the best way to proceed forward to maximize all your investments and take advantage of programs like License Mobility from Microsoft. This program gives you the best of both worlds and is something you should take advantage of if you have already made these types of investments. Of course if you haven’t, we can supply all the new licensing that you might need to deploy servers and software in your cloud.

Don’t let recent investments that you’ve made in your software hold you back from considering a move to the cloud.  There is a way to leverage that investment and make your move today to get the best of both worlds.

About Joe Reazor

Joe Reazor
Joe has been managing IT organizations for the past 12 years. He has held management positions with both national and international corporations helping to lead segments of their IT divisions ranging from software development to data center operations to product development. Joe joined EarthLink Business several years ago through an acquisition and has been instrumental in the growth of its cloud based IT services division. As Director of Product Engineering, Joe is responsible for the development of new IT Services products and ensuring existing products are constantly reviewed for improvements and enhancements to meet the growing demands of EarthLink’s customers. Joe has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester, and a MS in Software Development & Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.